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Grand Rapids, Michigan
I listened again to your reading of my Astrological chart from 2022, Susan, from 2 years ago. It was striking to realize two years later, the accuracy of the year and how it unfolded for me. You saw that I would be taking hold of my gifts, and the power of working on my own evolution for the good of education and children. It was such a positive reading and so empowering, that looking back I can see the road I have taken was part of my evolution and growth just as you had read in my chart. You put the reigns into my own hands and pointed me in the direction I knew was right. So appreciate your insight and mature interpretation in reading my chart, Susan. I felt like you were on my side.
Thesa Callinicos, Mentor / Consultant
Waldorf Grade Level and Art Instructor, Hotchkiss, CO
Susan's intuitive, thorough, and kind astrology readings for me have opened doors to new inner insights, confirmed important parts of my experience, and expanded my knowledge about myself. She's always encouraging, and speaks about any potential challenges in ways that soften the info so it can be digested and used wisely. I've studied astrology most of my life, so it's a treat to learn something new from her perspective. The metaphors and images she uses to describe astrological info are clear, and create wonderful ah-has! I highly recommend Susan's readings, and her focus on being of service to her clients is always a benefit for anyone with interest in better ways to live one's truth
Char Campbell
Elegant Graphic Design & Artful Services
Susan has a very refreshingly detailed and inspiring manner of interpreting one’s chart. She was able to illuminate astrological aspects that had never been brought to my attention in the past with other readers. She was able to simultaneously educate, and assure me about very deep and personal parts of myself. Susan’s kindness matched with her forthrightness leave one feeling better able to navigate the changing waters of life. She was able to answer any and every question that I had, and was as curious about the meaning of my astrological aspects as I was. Her sincerity to guide me was so profoundly healing. I highly recommend her services. She goes above and beyond the call of duty!!!
Los Angeles
“In Susan's presence, I felt seen and understood on a very deep level. Not only did Susan thoroughly explain my chart and her interpretations, she also created space for my questions and gracefully held my experiences and emotions. There is such depth in Susan and the work she offers. She is a gifted being and I felt a deep resonance with her. She is gentle and also bold! Her strength is palpable and her wisdom in reading charts is beyond this world - extraordinary, really! Susan affirmed so many of my shadow aspects that I had previously wanted to hide. She navigated these with ease and sincerity - actually giving me permission / encouraging me to embrace these aspects of myself in a whole new way and with profound appreciation. Susan helped me see how the next few months and years of my life may take shape and how to stand in my power with what is to come! She inspired me to start living more in my confidence!”
Brittany Sanelli
Classical Five-Element Acupuncture
"I am continually amazed at how Susan's astrological insights resonate with my life despite being 1800 miles apart. It often feels like she lives right here with me, so attuned is she to my essence and what truly matters to me. Her readings go beyond simple predictions; they provide a framework for understanding the year ahead and my spiritual and emotional growth. I listen to her recordings whenever I need a spiritual boost or a fresh perspective. Susan’s approach is nurturing and positive. She always seeks to uncover the lessons and growth opportunities in every experience. She believes deeply in my inherent goodness, which is incredibly affirming. Susan's perception is razor-sharp; she knows when I’m retreating and gently guides me to confront my shadow side, teaching me the value and magic of owning all parts of myself. This guidance has been incredibly transformative in my personal and business relationships. Her influence on my life is profound and lasting. I highly recommend Susan to anyone seeking an astrologer and a wise guide who sees the potential and beauty in their journey."
Amy Riley, RN, CARN, HNB-BC, RYT-500
Long Island, New York
Susan did an Astrological Reading for me last fall along with a complete and wonderful chart. It was a very detailed reading which was thorough and extensive. She took her time and allowed for answering any and all questions. She also gave me an opportunity for any follow up questions I might have after the sessions. She recorded the sessions and sent them to me by email afterwards so I would always have them for reference, as to specific dates she gave in the reading for the transits of this year. I would highly recommend her, and know you won't be disappointed!
Jeanne White
Longmont, Colorado
“Susan is amazing! She integrated her deep wisdom, her intuitive gifts and her uplifting humor to give me a most accurate and inspiring reading. I was laughing, crying and felt so seen in her presence, and she clearly reflected profound astrological themes and information with grace and ease. I was able to digest and understand what she shared and have listened to the recording several times since then! I recommend Susan unequivocally. She is brilliant, warm and so supportive."
Rachael Bonaiuto
Psychotherapist and Dance/Movement Therapist Boulder, CO
“Our couples reading with Susan was informative, validating and incredibly helpful in identifying our strengths and areas for growth. Susan is obviously an expert in her field, and she breaks things down in a way that makes sense to people like us, who know little about astrology. Susan is kind and warm, and it felt comfortable to talk about the personal things in a relationship with her. We left feeling full and renewed, and we would recommend her to anyone looking to learn more about their relationship with their partner!”
Psychotherapist Boulder, CO
“Exploring my chart with Susan was incredible! She helped me understand and reach greater acceptance of how I show up in the world, and how I can make the best use of my gifts and skills to continue to create a beautiful life for myself. I am so deeply grateful to Susan for sharing her beautiful gift with me and so many others!”
Lyndsey Ryan, LPC, LAC
Boulder, CO
“Susan's ability to read the stars shines a light on all the different spheres of your life. She shares a wealth of information, favorable timings, and influences all of which gave insight into the months ahead. She confirmed so many of my tendencies, traits and history that I felt seen and illuminated. I highly recommend letting her guide you through her visions of your chart.”
Mary Randall
Boulder, CO