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NATAL CHART - Map of Your Psychological & Evolutionary Well-Being

This reading gives you as sense of deep understanding that can empower you with a strong foundation for your personal growth. It will encourage you to trust yourself and develop self-confidence because much of what is shared will confirm what you already (secretly) know. Your gifts and talents will be indicated along with your challenges and learning curves, giving you away to work with them. Included will be an overview of what is going on "within you" in the background as you are evolving. The chart will tell you what is going on "out there" that can bring you opportunities and challenges for growth and will also let you know when blocked energies may begin to flow.

Includes: Natal Chart with Progressions & Transits and Eclipses to the
Natal Chart.

Fee: $150 for a 90 min. Reading, copy of your Birth Chart & a Recording.

ANNUAL UPDATE - Forecast for the Year

This is an encapsulated view of the year ahead indicating strengths and windows of opportunity as well as challenges and learning curves. Areas of your life will be pointed out to help you focus your attention on these so you can take advantage of your potential opportunities and learning curves for growth during the year. We also cover what is going on “within you” in the background and what is going on "out there" that can alert you to take advantage of opportunities and help you lean into your challenges for growth. This is an annual follow up.

Includes: Solar Return Chart and Progressions, Transits and Eclipses to the Natal Chart.

Fee: $150 for a 90 min. Reading, copy of your Birth Chart, Solar Return Chart and a Recording.

Additional Readings

When you have completed the Initial Natal Chart, these are amazing next steps to greater clarity.

RELATIONSHIP CHART - Couples, Business Partners, Parent-Child

In this reading, we look at a chart comparison for indicating the everyday interaction between you, how you connect and how you may need to stretch and grow to connect through personal challenges. Also, we delve into your Composite Chart and explore what the relationship is asking from each of you. This reading explains in depth the potential and challenges of the relationship. This approach offers insights for both of you in understanding yourself, the other person and the uniqueness of your relationship dynamics.

Includes: 2 Natal Charts, Synastry Chart and Composite Chart

Fee: $250 for a 90 min. Reading, 2 sets of both Natal Charts, Synastry Chart, Composite Chart and a Recording.

CHILD’S CHART - For 1 Year Old + and Under 14 Years

A birth chart for your child is a shorter, simpler version of the natal chart for adults. It can be most helpful in learning how to spark self interest in your child's growth process and inform you of your child's natural born gifts and talents. This knowledge can help you support your child in a way that can cultivate a natural interest in who they are and encourage self-confidence to follow their true path. In addition, special attention will be shared about the places where they may struggle, their strengths and learning curves so you can be more prepared to support them and ideally facilitate your child in developing a powerful and "in–tune" sense of self.

Includes: Child’s Natal Chart

Fee: $60 for a 45 min. Reading, copy of your child’s Natal Chart and a Recording.

FAMILY CHART - Interconnectedness within Your Family

In this reading, we take a journey through your family dynamics by explaining your similarities and differences along with the challenges and strengths that you may face as a whole. Understanding these insights about yourselves, individually and as a family, can be an amazing eye-opening and heart-warming experience for all of you.

Includes: Natal Charts, Synastry Chart, Composite Chart

Fee: $250+ for Reading, copies of Natal Charts, Synastry Chart, Composite Chart and a Recording.


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